Commission for Digitalia Art Festival 2014- Techno Body. Preservation Process was an investigation into a continuing relationship between technology and  the human body after life. Preserving the human body in death raises opportunities to learn ways to heal the living body. The Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification in Dundee is pioneering an almost industrial scale thiel preservation process. Thiel preserved bodies retain life-like flexibility and delicate tissue making them a more realistic model for training in surgical, diagnostic and interventional procedures than the traditional formaldehyde process. The facility at CAHI has 11 tanks which can submerge 44 bodies at any one time, and rack space for around 100.

Sounds of the spaces, machines, and processes involved in these techniques were recorded at CAHI, then combined and turned into a sound installation for Digitalia Festival. Each area had a distinct environmental drone defined by its air conditioning system. The objects in each area were like different species of animal built for purpose for each stage of the process. I used a combination of the built-in microphones of my portable PCM D-50, and a contact mic used for the tanks.

In the physical installation, each part of the process is given its own space using four pairs of speakers set along the wall. Each pair plays in sequence, taking the audience through the process from body arrival, called the Threshold, through preparation and embalming, storage tanks, and finally to dissection and recycling.